Welcome: To The Chronicles of Johnny Blake book series, by John Hynes. I'm a retired auto parts worker, married 40 years this June. We have two daughters. We live in a small town near London Ontario, Canada. This amazing book series is a modern-day, romantic-murder-mystery-suspense thriller, with an old-time feel. Johnny Blake is an old school, go by the gut PI detected, in a modern world. He has Paula Peters a young computer whiz and Jimmy McNeil a street smart kid to help him solve cases in Bay City. The first three episodes are available now on Amazon Kindle and Goodie play.

Episode one Murder in Bay City, a wealthy man is found murdered in his bedroom. His wife is missing and is the prime suspect. Did she murder her husband? Was she framed? Who is This other...?

Episode two Bay City Murder on the East Side. Someone is murdering small young short hair blonde girls. a suspect is a young man all dressed in black complete with a hoodie and dark glasses and able to blend in with the average crowd on the street, in other words, non- descriptive.

Episode three Kidnapping in Bay City. A young boy from Bay City has been Kidnapped. Janet Harrington hires Johnny Blake to bring her 8-year-old boy home on the QT. John sends Jimmy McNeil undercover to the boys school. For more info on this amazing series please visit (https://amazon.com/dp/B099PCK52M) Thank you.