The Chronicles of Johnny

Welcome, The snow outside is all full. The fire inside is de light full Why not sit by the fire, with a hot cup of cocoa and read a good murder mystery. Murder in Bay City and Bay City Murder on the East Side, may just be the best mystery you read this winter. Episode one, John hears high heel foot steps coming up the hall, they stop at his office door. She hesitates before entering, the door slowly opens. Who framed Elizabeth Harrington for murder and why? Episode two, John at the scene of a young murdered girl. Sammy pulls back the cover. Yeah Johnny same M O as the first girl small with short blonde hair. My God ! Sammy, Paula small with short blonde hair. What clue did one of the young murdered girls leave be hind? PS the first two episodes would make great paperback stocking stuffers For the mystery on your shopping list. buy soon while there is sill time.

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