The Chronicles of Johnny Blake

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

From Murder in Bay City .Episode one, Episode two Bay City Murder on the East Side Both are available on amazon e-book and paper back. Episode one will soon be available on audiobook This is a twelve part romantic mystery series, by John Hynes. Murder in Bay City, who framed Elizabeth Harrington for murder and why? John was looking out his second floor window of his office, when he heard high heel foot step coming up the stairs and then, the hall they stop at his office! ( Johnny would you like to go and see the stares,! " the stares Liz," Yes Johnny the stares! ) Episode two: Bay City murder on the East Side. what clue did one of the murdered young girls leave behind? John at the scene of a young murdered girl. Sammy pulls back the cover. John look's My God! "Paula has short blonde hair!"

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