The Chronicles of Johnny Blake.

Welcome Nov. 29 2020 is the last day to read the E-book Murder in Bay City for the low price of $1.99USD. You don't want to miss this Last chance. John hears high heel foot steps coming up the hall. They stop at his office door. She hesitates before entering, the door slowly opens! Who framed Elizabeth Harrington for Murder and why? Are you sill sitting on the fence. Than go to anazon and take a walk on the inside. Once inside you can read the first few pages of chapter one and the lay out of the serise. I'm sure you will like what you read and will want to read more. This is a romantic murder mystery, thiller series you will not want to miss a episode! In episode four the mystery and thills readly take the murder mystery to a new level in the series. A tranplant doctor does the unthankable, can you guess what it is!

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Romantic Title