The Chronicles of Johnny Blake

Welcome, I hope your Monday is going well. I would like to thank everyone who look at my e-book Murder in Bay City, doing the count down sale. This series is a romantic mystery murder, thriller. John hears high heel foot steps coming up the hall, they stop at his office door. She hesitates before entering, the door slowly opens! Who framed Elizabeth Harrington for murder and why? ( Note the five star rating on Episode two Bay City Murder on the East Side, John at the scene of a young murdered girl. Sammy pulls back the cover, yeah Johnny same M O as the first young girl. Small with short blonde hair. My God, Sammy! Paula small with short blonde hair. Coming up episode three Kidnapping in Bay City. How is this episode connected to episode one, Murder in Bay City. Read the first three episodes to find the answer. Episode four Vanish! is a turning point in the series, witch has chills and thrills. What's the unthinkable,

dose a transplant Doctor do? Can you guess what it may be? No! then start reading, You may be shock!

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