The Chronicles of Johnny Blake

Welcome; Murder in Bay City and Bay City Murder on the East Side, is a romantic, murder, mystery and a suspense thriller! At the risk of sounding my own horn, I think I have written a great twelve episode mystery series, which has been type and edit professionally. Most episodes can be read in two - three hours in one sitting, with episode three being around the three hour mark. For it ties the first three episodes together and kicks off the rest of the series .With chills and thrills as it moves to the darker side of crime. There's murders, break and enter with a twist, a crazy transplant doctor, who dose the unthinkable! in episode four Vanish! There's a split personality disorder episode and a sleep walker, can you guess what he dose? There's five more episode with chills and thrills. This series will not disappoint. Check the first two episodes soon on Amazon. Thank you John Hynes Author.

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Romantic Title