The Chronicles of Johnny Blake

Welcome, I'm the author of The Chronicles of Johnny Blake. (John Hynes) I'm a retired Audio parts worker. I grew up in a small village in Ontario Canada. My grade twelve English teacher wrote on one of my stories, that my writing remainder her of the writer Mark Twain. I said to myself some day I will write

a book. Many years later, I wrote the first episode, Murder in Bay City. More than twenty later, I rewrote the first episode, for todays times and proceed to write eleven more episodes. What makes this series unique is the two main characters John and Liz (Elizabeth) treat all the people they meet like family and help them make a better live for them self. In episode three John said at their Thanksgiving dinner, we are not by blood, but we are family. Liz and I are here for you all. I hope you enjoy reading this series as I enjoyed writing it for you.

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