The Chronicles of Johnny Blake book (Romantic-Murder-Mystery-Suspense Thriller) series

This fantastic book series, box set ( is now on sale from May 25 to 30, for the low price of $0.99USD and $1.27CAD? For the first three episodes of this awesome series. This series is a modern-day, romantic-murder-mystery-suspense thriller, with an old-time feel. Written in the author's style of Mark Twain and Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer book and tv series. These three episodes tie together nicely and kick off the rest of the series, which turns to the dark side of crime, that will shock and ah you. In episode Four Vanish (when available) a mad transplant doctor lost it, waiting for a heart for his wife. You will be more shocked when you read what he does to get a heart for a patient in need of a heart now.

Also in the suburbs robbers, three-man go into a house two men are in and out in five minutes. The third man is still in the house. What is doing in there? You will be shocked to find out the answer. These are just two of the shocking episodes that await you as the series continues