The Chronicles of Johnny Blake Book Series

Updated: Mar 19

Welcome and Hi, I'm a retried auto parts worker and the author of The Chronicles of Johnny Blake. I grew in a small village ( 365 people ) near Brampton Ontario Canada. Inglewood was a great village to grow up. My friends and I new every kid in town. I'm married 39 year in June. We have two daughters 31 and 36 years old. We now live in small town near London Ontario. I enjoy camping fishing boating anything out door and reading and writing stories. I finished reading a crime story and though hell I can write a story like that. I did just that, I wrote the first draft of Murder in Bay City in six days. I read it over and though this is good, that was 25 years ago. Now retried I found my draft and read wrote it for todays time and wrote 11 more episode. Please note I have each episode professionally edited and typed.

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