The Chronicles of Johnny Blake Book Series


Chapter one: Day One

I just got back from vacation in Vancouver with Elizabeth- Liz, as I call her, now that we are on a less formal relationship.

I pick up the Bay City Times at the newsstand and a coffee on my way into my office.

I arrived at my office at 8:15 a.m. I went to my desk and sat down in my chair. I started to read The headline ' Murder On The East Side. ' That got my attention! I started read more of the story. I was about to take a drink of my coffee when the office phone rang. It was 8:32 a.m. Paula does not come in until 9:00 a.m. I pick up the phone and before I could say anything the voice on the other end yells 'Hey, Blake where the hell have you been?" It was Sammy, my old friend and partner on the Bay City P.D. Sammy is a investigator, and a damn good one.

I yell back, "I was on vacation."

"Vacation? Since when do you take vacations?"

:Yeah, I know, Sammy It's rare that I take one."

" There wouldn't be a woman involved ,would there be? And would that woman possibly be Mrs. Harrington?"

"you are right on both counts."

"why you old dog! It's about time."

"Yeah, It's been a while."

"Well I'm happy for you, Blake."

"Thanks, Sammy. What can I do for you?"

"Have you seen the headline in the morning Times?"

"Yeah I was reading about the murder, what's the low down?"

"Well John what the papers don't know is that there's been another murder. Patrol found her about an hour ago"

"Another one?"

"Yeah same as the one found last week."

"Sammy, you may have a serial killer on your hands."

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