The Chronicles of Johnny Blake (Romance-Murder-Mystery- Suspense Thriller) Book Series

Welcome, to episode three Kidnapping in Bay City. In this episode, a young boy from Bay City has been kidnapped. Johnny Blake sents young Jimmy McNiel and Paula Peters to the all-boys school undercover. As the info comes in John asks Sammy his partner when he was on the Bay City PD on the QT for help. Sammy clears it with his Captain, for both John and Sammy smell a cover-up, By the higher-ups within the police department. The captain agrees, Sammy sends detectives Bill and Susan to help the kids out for it could get hairy from here on. When the boy is safe at home, Paula and Jimmy get home to their apartment late that nite. Jimmy is sleeping on the couch, Paula asks Jimmy how his shoulder is? Oh, it's ok. Good, you know Jimmy you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight or any other night. Jimmy sits up and looks over the couch and sees Paula standing at her bedroom door wearing a very short red see-through nighty. Jimmy jumps off the couch walks over to Paula and cups her face and kisses her long. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, They make love for the first time. Nope, there is nothing wrong with Jimmy's shoulder. Later that week two more couples hear the bells of St. Mary's ring and feel the earth move as they make love for the first time. You may what to pick a couple to follow throughout the series. For more info please visit (