The Chronicles of Johnny Book ( is a romantic-murder-mystery-suspense thriller) Series

Welcome: Kidnapping in Bay City episode three, If you like bad guys, bad cops, kidnapping, mystery, shootouts, and romance? This episode is a mush read. In this episode, a young boy has been kidnapped from Bay City. After many failed attempts to bring the boy home by Bay City PD. Janet Harrington hires Johnny Blake on the QT from the Bay City PD. John sends young Jimmy McNiel and Paula Peters undercover in upstate Main to the all-boys school. Looking for romance? In this episode second, haft has the hot romance you are looking for.

Jimmy and Paula arrive home late from upstate Main. Paula helps Jimmy make up the couch. Once made Jimmy sits on the couch and takes off his shirt. Paula sees the bandage on his shoulder and asks does it hurt Jimmy? Yeah only when I laugh! It's ok don't worry. Paula's eyes drift down to Jimmy's hard rock abs. She leans in and gives him a long good-night kiss with her right hand on Jimmy's abs. this excites her. She stands up looks at his abs for a few seconds and starts to walk to her bedroom. She can feel Jimmy watching her. Paula stops at the door smiles and blows Jimmy a kiss and said I love you. Before Jimmy can say I love you more she is in her bedroom leaning against the door. Jimmy falls back into the couch. They both say at the same time Wow! She is my girl, He is my man.

Paula takes out a nighty look's at not tonight girl, puts it back, and takes out a very short sexy hot red lingerie I've been saving this for the right Boy. She starts to cry, Jimmy took a bullet for me, he could have been killed. He ready does love me. She wipes the tears from her eyes with a tissue and puts the red lingerie on, Looks in the mirror wow girl you are hot. After tonight the girl will be no more and become a woman! She sprays on some perfume and stands by her door in the hall light. She calls out to Jimmy in a sexy voice, Jimmy are you awake and how is your shoulder? Yes, I'm awake and my shoulder is ok. Good, You know Jimmy you don't have to sleep on the couch tonight or any other night. I don't! No Jimmy you don't. Jimmy sits up and sees Paula standing there in the light in the sexy red hot lingerie. He jumps off the couch and walks towards her looking her up and down, Paula looking at his abs. their bodies are touching. Paula, you are beautiful and that perfume wow! You smell manly I like that. Jimmy cups her face and kisses her long and tender. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. They make love for the first time for both of them.

A few days later two other couples hear the bells of St. Marys as the earth moves as they make love for the first in a new relationship. Do I have your attention? yes! then for more info on this amazing episode please visit. ( Please share this post, thank you.