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Hi I'm retried and the author of The Chronicles of Johnny Blake. I grew up in a small town (365 people)  near Brampton Ontario Canada I knew every kid in town. It was a good town to grow up in. I enjoy camping  fishing  hiking photography reading and the out doors. I'm married going on 38 years now. WE have two daughters 36 and 31. My grade twelve English teacher told me my stories remind her of the author Mark Twain. I spend more then six years on the writing and rewriting this series before having each episode professionally type and edited. I hope you enjoy this series as mush as I enjoyed writing it  for you the reader. Please after reading each episode could you write a review. Thank you John Hynes

The Chronicle of Johnny Blake: Is a romantic. murder, mystery and suspense thriller series. Episode one MURDER IN BAY CITY, Who framed Elizabeth Harrington for murder and why? Is available on amazon audio, audible and I tunes. Also on amazon kindle e-book and paperback. Episode two BAY CITY MURDER ON THE EAST SIDE SIDE. What clue did one of the young murdered girds leave behind? Available on amazon kindle e-book and paperback.

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Episodes 1 & 2 Murder in Bay City And Bay City Murder on the East Side, E-books are now available on Google Play. Check out The 5 star rating on both episode and reviews

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What makes this series unique is the two main characters John and Liz (Elizabeth) treat all the people they meet like family and they help them. make a better life for them self. You can see this in episode two. In episode three John said at their Thanksgiving dinner. We are not by blood, but we are family. Liz and I are here for all of you. Here's to family!

The Romance starts in episode one and  continues through out the series. This series will interest all romance, murder, mystery  readers. With the help of a young street wise kid Jimmy McNeil, John solves the first two cases. Now young Jimmy is like a blood hound on steroids, he can find anyone for a price of course. Episode three tie the first three episode together, it also has a connection with episode one. Episode three also kicks the rest of the series, that is full of chills and thrills. It's also is where John goes full circle and as for young Jimmy, you will have to read episode three when it comes out. Go to amazon kindle to check out this amazing series.

A recipe for murder romance lies and mystery is on the menu for episode one. Murder in Bay City. A wealthy man is found murdered in his own bed room. His wife is missing and is the Prime suspect. A second serving of murder romance and suspense is served in episode two Bay City murder on the East Side. My God! Sammy, Paula small with short blonde hair.